Rioclaro Natural Reserve

Private tour any day of the year (except christmas season)
USD975 x2 / USD1.155 x4 / USD1.335 x6
2 Days / 1 Night

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For nature and adventure lovers, this is a spectacular destination!

The Rioclaro Canyon Nature Reserve is a conservation site that features vegetation and rock formations dating back millions of years, it is like traveling back in time to see where the dinosaurs lived.

It is an impressive marble canyon, crossed by a crystalline river, where you can enjoy relaxing activities such as walking, bathing in the river or contemplating nature, as well as extreme activities such as rafting, ziplining, rock climbing and caving, which is a walk through a cavern where water runs and where nocturnal birds, known as guacharos, live.

Accommodation is within the reserve in semi-open rooms from where you can appreciate the beauty of the canyon and enjoy a good rest, disconnected from modernity.

It must be taken into account that this is a jungle place, where there is no internet, the cell phone signal is poor, there are no electronic devices or luxury, and the food has a limited menu, although delicious and hygienically prepared. This is a trip for those who really enjoy nature and want to disconnect from the bustle of the city for a couple of days.

Duration: 2 day / 1 night trip.


*Pick up at your accommodation in Medellín to make a trip of approximately 3 hours, with a stop at a spectacular viewpoint, known as the Cocorná viewpoint.

*Upon arrival at the reserve, we take a short walk to recognize its sites of interest.

*Lunch and check in at the hotel.

*Rafting or caving activity, at your choice.

*Dinner and rest at the hotel within the reservation.



*Optional activity, it can be a walk in the reserve, bathing in the river or paid activities not included, such as ziplining, rock climbing, rafting or caving.

*Check out and return to Medellín.

To make this trip you must have an acceptable physical condition. Not suitable for pregnant women, babies, or people with physical disabilities or serious health conditions.

Includes transportation, bilingual guide, insurance, 1 night accommodation at the reserve hotel, meals within the reserve (lunch, dinner, breakfast) and an activity (rafting or caving).

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