Flowers Farm

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5 hours aprox.

Know about the most important and beautiful tradition of Medellin, the ¨silleteros¨, farmers that grow flowers on top of the east mountains of the city to compete in a contest/parade where they take amazing arts with flowers.

At the beggining of the 20th century these farmers used to come down to the city to sale flowers by walking down the mountaing taking the flowers on their backs. That scene was so beautiful seeing them in a colorful row coming down that the city decided to make it a parade that became the main event in Medellin carnivals, the Flowers Festival, held in august.

During this visit to a real silleteros farm, you will visit their huge garden where you will lerarn about flowers and plants in general and also you will have the chance to learn how to build a ¨silleta¨ the art they do using flowers with the help of a real silletero farmer.